Back in the saddle

July 16, 2007

A GHaven’t posted here for a while…  Well, the band split (though only temp.  we’ll see what happens…)  ~Stef’s done a song with this new guy A G…  Sounds Great.. it’s different…  It’s got n old school touch coming sounding like tomorrow…  (if that makes any sense…) They’re also working on some Gary Benson songs… gonna be tough… Not sure what Suli’s thinking…  I know he mixed the track but he’s got this Indian Project going that Stef’s gonna do a version of…  It’s with this band M2K  They were No.1 for weeks in the Indian Charts over here…  I had know Idea until the kids came over wanting Autographs…. Though the guys seem like they’ve been away, they haven’t Only me..  🙂  I’ve been working on sites and stuff… 


Bobby’s Party

November 26, 2006

I spoke to Stef about a something I saw online… A gig on the 28th ov Nov 2006..  He said it’s the 1st he’s heard of it…  He put word out to find out what was going on and know one else seems to know about it.  Then it dawned…  Robert.   Spinless Robert, was asked a couple o weeks ago about doing a gig at some Barfly Venue, but the guys are gonna be elsewhere on that date and he’s decided not to tell the Barfly lot. He said he didn’t know how to tell them or something… I don’t know what he expects but the guys aren’t happy…

Stef says he’s not fussed (In that ‘I am really’ kind of way)…  But I know what he’ll do..  (I’m a little scared)

It was Bobby birthday the other night.  Only Suli, Stef, Vinny and Gids went.  (Vinny said Gids wasn’t best pleased when they realised they went the wrong way…   :-))  It kinda summed things up for everyone…  He has more knowledge that strength.  So in other words, doesn’t have the power to use his knowledge.  Suli’s done more than Everyone in regards to getting out of the Sony/BMG a new deal…   He’s found out the truth about Universal, And between him and Vinny, made enough links in Germany to start promoting in that country.  More than Bobby…  Who hasn’t really done much as of late.. in my opinion of course..  What do I know?

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October 29, 2006


I Heard that the Haswell Boys weren’t happy cos Stef was longing everything (Like he usually does) but since they’ve been in the studio all’s good..

I’ve just heard now what Stef’s been doing to ‘Alive’. Sounds ‘Proper’ . Sounds so good and he hasn’t even Taken it upstairs to Suli yet. Can’t wait to hear what gonna happen with these 4 songs they’re doing…

Duran Duran announced that guitarist Andy Taylor has quit the veteran rock group.

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Black Sabbath is getting back together.

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The Starwars Kid

October 6, 2006

I forgot all about this kid… Decided to look him up and there he was brilliant as ever on youtube. I first saw him on a few years back. poor kid… I think everyone would hate that to happen to them.. There you are at school, know one around… you fancy yourself as a true worrior and decide to put it down on tape. Just for your own personal viewing and what do you do? You forget all about it and leave it in the video recorder for a few months. To be descovered and distributed.

The Starwars Kid Episode 1
Then as if your worst fears haven’t been realised, 2 weeks later, it’s been edited and redistributed a good few times and before you know it, millions upon millions of people see you prancing making a fool of yourself…

The Starwars Kid Episode 3
What to do? Nothing you can do because too many people have it. It’s all over Kaazaa, limewire and other peer to peers (where it was originally distributed)… And if you try and stop it it becomes even more popular as the news tabloids will pick up on it (like they did anyway) and make sure the world knows about it….

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Gary Love

September 10, 2006

So Gary Love came around today on his Beema Bike… He should be finishing his film soon Sugarhouse Lane… Stef’s going on the Set with Tosh on Friday with the Bond Stunt crew… How cool is that? He’s always off doing fun stuff while we all sit here taking shtie from Celebs…

He’s really a down to earth guy… No pretense (which is why I think Stef thinks he’s ok…)

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