So Bobby’s Here…

September 3, 2006


As usual, getting carried away with his own bull… or not his own bull but somebody elses and making out it’s his bull.. He’s gone up the road with Stef which doesn’t happen often. I spoke to Stef about him. He says ‘His hearts in the right place and he does come out with some good points but I wish he wouldn’t get involved with the music. He keeps messing up the vibe… he says ‘Oh you’ve got to re-record the drums but I want the songs finished and mastered by tomorrow.’ Then he can’t understand why everyone hates him’

I think is they all like him as a person and what little he’s done for them but not go on and on and on… and on… stopping everyone from working…

The truth is, after about 3 hours of going on with his ‘points’, everyone just carries on from where they left off 3 hours earlier.


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