What’s he doing? (Not Gideon)

September 5, 2006

So it’s 12am? Suli says ‘see ya I’m crashing’ and I’m about to leave when he gets a call… It’s Robert again wants to chat…!! So much for Suli crashing…

Poor Stef’s upstairs trying to edit Gids Drums…. He says he prefers Ballads cos they’re easier to edit. (Gid’s Drums are sounding great…!!! ) YES!!! Gids was recording yesterday a new song that Ant wrote and ‘Alone Walking’ (great track…) You’ve gotta see Gids play… He looks great. I think he’s top drummer. I found this picture on the G5 upstairs. I Think Tosh took it….


I can see it kicking off again. Or not really. Bobby’s gonna say change some thing and Stef just won’t do it. Won’t even argue (Stubborn Basst’d).Gonna Stick some more of these picks on Flickr I think… Check ’em out

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