The Starwars Kid

October 6, 2006

I forgot all about this kid… Decided to look him up and there he was brilliant as ever on youtube. I first saw him on a few years back. poor kid… I think everyone would hate that to happen to them.. There you are at school, know one around… you fancy yourself as a true worrior and decide to put it down on tape. Just for your own personal viewing and what do you do? You forget all about it and leave it in the video recorder for a few months. To be descovered and distributed.

The Starwars Kid Episode 1
Then as if your worst fears haven’t been realised, 2 weeks later, it’s been edited and redistributed a good few times and before you know it, millions upon millions of people see you prancing making a fool of yourself…

The Starwars Kid Episode 3
What to do? Nothing you can do because too many people have it. It’s all over Kaazaa, limewire and other peer to peers (where it was originally distributed)… And if you try and stop it it becomes even more popular as the news tabloids will pick up on it (like they did anyway) and make sure the world knows about it….

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