Bobby’s Party

November 26, 2006

I spoke to Stef about a something I saw online… A gig on the 28th ov Nov 2006..  He said it’s the 1st he’s heard of it…  He put word out to find out what was going on and know one else seems to know about it.  Then it dawned…  Robert.   Spinless Robert, was asked a couple o weeks ago about doing a gig at some Barfly Venue, but the guys are gonna be elsewhere on that date and he’s decided not to tell the Barfly lot. He said he didn’t know how to tell them or something… I don’t know what he expects but the guys aren’t happy…

Stef says he’s not fussed (In that ‘I am really’ kind of way)…  But I know what he’ll do..  (I’m a little scared)

It was Bobby birthday the other night.  Only Suli, Stef, Vinny and Gids went.  (Vinny said Gids wasn’t best pleased when they realised they went the wrong way…   :-))  It kinda summed things up for everyone…  He has more knowledge that strength.  So in other words, doesn’t have the power to use his knowledge.  Suli’s done more than Everyone in regards to getting out of the Sony/BMG a new deal…   He’s found out the truth about Universal, And between him and Vinny, made enough links in Germany to start promoting in that country.  More than Bobby…  Who hasn’t really done much as of late.. in my opinion of course..  What do I know?

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